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Benington History

At one time, Anglia TV ran a series titled ‘Portrait of a Village’, and Benington was one of the featured villages, and although the exact date is not known, it was probably in the late 1970s.

Julie Goddard has a copy of the programme copied onto DVD, and thanks to her we can make copies available to anyone who would like one.

Included on the same DVD is amateur video footage of two exhibitions in the Village Hall of old photographs and other paraphernalia, the later one of which was titled ‘Benington Life, Then and Now’ held in March 1995. There is also footage of the 120th anniversary celebration of the school in June 1993.

It should be pointed out that the sound quality of the DVD is not very good, but it does feature various village residents, some of them talking about the photographs and their memories.

Also available is another DVD which features Julie’s father, Vic Robinson, talking about his collection of old village photos. This gives an insight to some of the history of the village, including some of the old names. And, on a CD, is an interview with Vic by Three Counties Radio.

Benington DVD                £5 each
Vic Robinson DVD           £5 each
Vic Robinson CD              £2.50 each
All three discs                  £10

Proceeds of which will be split between the Village Hall and the Recreation Ground

Copies are available from Kate Daniel – 01438 869 438 –

Cheques to be made payable to Benington Village Hall

Superfast Broadband for Benington

You may recall the back in September we reported that following discussions with Connected Counties that the expected date for super fast broadband for Benington was October to December 2017.

Clearly that period has passed and there has been no super fast broadband been made available to Benington residents and businesses just yet. One of the Parish Councillors has been maintaining contact with Connected Counties.

Their latest response was as follows: “Unfortunately despite Openreach being able to pull back some time lost, they were not able to complete the work before the Christmas embargo set in and so this will now not be completed until January 2018. Unfortunately due to the nature of the work taking place all timescales are indicative and subject to change, however in this case we were also very disappointed to hear of the further delay.” “Please note that as no timescales are definitive we would advise that any publication of dates include the clause stating that the they are indicative and subject to change.”

So we think it is prudent not to make any claims for connection dates but it does seem they are in the final stages of the process and we hope superfast broadband will be made available in Benington, in the near future. We will maintain contact with Connected Counties and hope to be able to report some definitive news soon.

Update - Walkern Road (Shummery Lane) Flood

Richard Bott’s opinion (which he is 90% but not 100% certain is correct) is that the flood is in a low point in the road that collects water in the field to the north (Walkern side) and sends it south (Benington side).

There are gullies in the road at this low point that collect the road water and pipe it into a clay land drain that runs downhill across the Grundy’s field. It is likely that the land drain and all the gullies are blocked, hence the flood.

Richard has discussed this with Highways who have visited the site, but pressed for a date to clear the gullies, they have advised that nothing can be done for at least three months. Despite this being the responsibility of Highways, Richard is in the process of obtaining two quotes on behalf of the Parish Council to clear the gullies.

In the meantime Ken Grundy has contacted Richard to advise that he has booked a digger to clear/restore the drain in the field on 20 November. Hopefully these measures will resolve the problem’.

Willow trees by bus shelter

Cllr Crofton arranged for HCC to visit the willow trees beside the bus shelter at Stoopers Hill, Town Lane with their tree specialist.

The tree specialist has confirmed the trees are considered safe. They have historically been reduced, however there is no visible sign of fruiting bodies, old or new and no major cavities. He has however recommended to reduce to previous cut points and remove dead wood.

This work has been added to the planned programme of maintenance and it is anticipated this work will be completed within the 2018/19 financial year.

Public Access Defibrillator


The village now has a defibrillator sited outside the entrance to the Village Hall, courtesy of the Parish Council and the British Heart Foundation.

A second unit will be installed outside Ernest Doe's in the near future.

These machines are designed so that any one can use them.

More information on their use can be seen on YouTube videos by clicking here

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Doors and Licensed Bar open 7.30 pm.
Films start at 8.00 pm

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Friday 2 February 2018
Dunkirk (12A)

Dunkirk 12A
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£1 per person per night

Monday 12 February 2018

The Lady Killers

Lady Killers

Village Diary
February 2018
2 Film Club (see panel on right)
13 Tuesday Club, Village Hall, 2pm
Film Club
(see panel on right)
15 Lunch Club, Village Hall, 12:15pm
20 Whist Club, Village Hall, 2pm
21 Knit & Craft Group, Village Hall, 2-4:30pm
21 Benington & Walkern Garden Club, Village Hall, 7:30pm
27 Tuesday Club, Village Hall, 2pm
March 2018
2 Film Club (see panel on right)
15 Lunch Club, Village Hall, 12:15pm

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Wednesday 14 February 2018
The Lavender Hill Mob

Lavender Hill Mob

Friday 16 February 2018
Whisky Galore

Whisky Galore

Friday 2 March 2018
Victoria & Abdul (PG)

Victoria & Abdul PG
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Village Hall Regular Events

Art Group 10am - 2pm
Fitness Club 2:30pm Poppy Room

Indoor Bowls 2pm
Badminton Club 7:30 - 9:30pm

Coffee Drop In 9 -11:30am

Badminton Club 10 - 12pm

The Benington Whist Club

We meet in Benington Village Hall at 2:00pm prompt and finish at 4:30pm with a break for tea and biscuits.

New members are always welcome

For more information contact
Don Heyworth, 01438 869673

Saturday Club
Games, Activities, Songs & Stories
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Village Hall 2-4:30pm

There is a Family Service in St Peter's on the following Sunday at 11am (except November)

Rita Plumb 01438 869731
Jenny Cobb 01438 869348


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